Same Day Crown

Gone are the days when patients had to walk around with unreliable temporary dental crowns as they waited for their traditional alternatives to come. Today, you can simply walk into the dentist’s office and come out more confident with a same-day crown with CEREC technology. Unlike traditional ones which may take two or more appointments to complete, these crowns take just a single visit to the dentist. Moreover, they are identical to the conventional dental crowns and are just as good a restoration option for your health as traditional crowns

The procedure of Making Same-Day Crowns

Unlike traditional crowns, they are created through a computer-aided, in-office instead of an offsite process. They are made in a dental office using computer technology. In the first step, the dentist will prepare, treat, and reshape your teeth before they begin to make them. The CAD/CAM system is then used by dentists in the next step to create your mouth’s digital impression/image which is sent to a milling machine that carves out a crown design on the ceramic block in a matter of minutes. Milling is a digital procedure that involves cutting of materials such as ceramics, porcelain, or metal to make/design abutments and other types of dentistry restoration options for the dental health of the patient. Using this simple procedure, you can have your damaged tooth restored and functional in just one appointment.

Why Invest in Same Day Crowns?

Apart from the fact that they can easily be made in one sitting, there are other advantages to having a same-day crown.

They look lifelike

The CAD/CAM system is advantageous because it captures all the nooks and crannies that allow the dentist to develop the perfect crown. This means that this custom option is more precise than the traditional crown and fits more snugly on the tooth, giving it a life-like appearance.


Getting a traditional crown involves an intensive procedure. From two visits to having to put in place a temporary crown as you await the real ones, it can be costly. However, CEREC crowns allow you to walk into the dentist’s office and come out with a complete, permanent crown without having to come for a subsequent visit. They save you the cost of having to use temporary ones and extra dentist appointments as you await the permanent crown. They also tend to last longer than traditional crowns because of how snugly they fit on your teeth. Essentially, you will rarely need to visit the dentist for issues such as a crown adjustment in the future if you use this method to restore your teeth.

milling-ceramicEfficient and Comfortable

Normally, it is expected that the dental crown procedure is long and drawn-out. This process is much significantly shorter and happens on the same day in a matter of hours. These crowns also eliminate the discomfort associated with the placement and removal of temporary crowns. These temporary crowns also add sensitivity to a treated tooth, which is eliminated by same-day crowns.

Same-day crowns do a good job at protecting the natural tooth. They work just as well or better than traditional crowns.

What matters most is that you work with a dentist that understands your need. This is where we come in. North Point Dental Associates is here to ensure that we provide you with the best service while considering your financial situation. Call us today or in the future and we can start the journey towards restoring your perfect smile.


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Dental Savings Plans

No insurance, no problem! North Point Dental Associates offers multiple in house annual savings plans to accommodate our uninsured patients. The plans are effective for 12 months and can be renewed annually. There is a onetime membership fee to sign up and no other monthly expenses for the plan. This is not dental insurance, but rather allows you to receive discounts on all services and get some preventive services such as exams, cleanings and x-rays at no additional cost.


$349 / Yr
  • Two professional cleanings per year
  • Two professional exam per year
  • 1 Set of Routine X-ray
  • 2 Fluoride treatment
  • 1 Emergency exam per year
  • 20% Off other dental services*


$649 / Yr
  • 3 Perio Maintenance Per year
  • Two professional exam per year
  • 1 Set of Routine X-ray
  • 2 Fluoride treatment
  • 1 Emergency exam per year
  • Free Water pick tooth brush for new sign only (one time)
  • Deep cleaning 25% off
  • 20% Off other dental services*