It is not uncommon for patients to come into the dentist’s office complaining of jaw soreness and pain, headaches, and sleep disruption. When the dentist looks at your teeth, there may be signs that indicate that you are grinding your teeth and treatment may be necessary. Or you may have been told that you grind your teeth during sleep and understand the above symptoms. So what could be the problem? Teeth grinding is one of the mind’s ways of dealing with stress while you are asleep.


Bruxism is, in simple terms, clenching or grinding of the teeth and jaws. Clenching involves biting down with force for a long time while grinding refers to the jaw’s back and forth motion. While bruxism is relatively common, most people who suffer from it are not even aware of the condition until the dentist tells them. Unfortunately, bruxism can damage the enamel and the structure of teeth in the long-term, which leads to increased sensitivity, fractured or broken teeth, and in some cases, decay.

Reasons why people clench their teeth include:

  • Stress and intensely emotional phases. Some people clench their teeth when they are angry, emotional, or stressed.
  • Age. Younger children are more likely to experience teeth grinding more than adults.
  • Medications and substances. Psychiatric medicines, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco maybe some of the things contributing to cases of bruxism.

Custom Nightguards

Dentists prescribe nightguards to individuals who are suffering from bruxism. Nightguards are just like tooth-whitening trays that sit over the teeth and offer protection. It is alternatively referred to as a mouth guard. While a nightguard will not prevent clenching or grinding at night, it shields your teeth, so you do not experience excessive wear.

Additionally, a custom nightguard can help you with morning headaches and jaw pain relief. Custom nightguards also prevent damage to the jaws, teeth, and dental restorations.

NightguardsWhy Wear Custom Nightguards?

While it may not seem like an essential addition to your dental routine, a custom nightguard may be right for your health. If you ignore the signs of bruxism, there is a higher probability of developing severe dental issues such as enamel erosion, tooth sensitivity, dental wear that may lead to broken or missing teeth, and muscle pain requiring expensive treatment.

Custom night guards, however, are suited for your mouth and will not fall out at night. These mouth guards will also help with proper jaw alignment. Since they are made from stronger and better materials than over-the-counter mouth guards such as boil and bite ones, a custom nightguard can last much longer.

Process of Getting a Custom-Made Nightguard

Getting a mouth guard is an excellent way to protect your teeth. The process of getting it is painless and straightforward.

First, the dentist takes an impression of your teeth, which is used to create a mold. The lab technician then fabricates the nightguard out of long-lasting plastic.

The mouth guard is then brought back to the dentist, who will look to see if these fit over your teeth properly. You go home with it and put it on while you sleep.

Initially, many patients find it odd, but they get used to it over the days following the dentist’s visit. The night guard does not interfere with your speech and breathing.

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