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Cosmetic Dentistry

We create naturally looking yet perfect smiles by focusing on shade and coloration, symmetry, shape and texture. These results can be achieved via whitening, clear aligners, crowns or veneers, implants or dentures. Come in for a consultation to discover what options are best suited for you.

Dental Implant

Implants mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, making them the ideal option for single or multiple tooth replacement. Evaluation of bone quantity and quality done by use of a 3 dimensional CBCT is essential to identify if you are a good candidate for implants. Visit us for an implant consultation.


Invisalign is a custom-made clear aligner that you can change every two weeks for a duration of six to 18 months. The period might be longer, depending on the intensity of the misalignment.
Unlike a mouth or dental retainer designed to keep the teeth from shifting, Invisalign can help in moving and carefully realigning your teeth for an attractive smile.

Single Visit Crown

We know your time is extremely valuable, so we now offer the convenience of same day crowns. In a single visit we will take a digital impression of your tooth, 3-D design a custom crown and fabricate the porcelain crown in the office in minutes with a state of the art CEREC machine.
Welcome to North Point Dental Associates

Welcome to a North Point Dental Associates

Our passionate team provides quality care for a wide range of dental services. We offer comprehensive dentistry for the entire family in a modern and comfortable environment. Our practice emphasizes excellence in clinical dentistry for all of our clients while mimicking nature in smile design principles.

Certified Experts

By continuously learning about new techniques and improving our systems, we strive to provide the best patient experience in dentistry. Every team member is held to the highest standard in delivering exceptional clinical care and service.

Innovative Technology

By utilizing advanced technology such as intra-oral cameras and a digital scanner, our goal is to make your experience as visual and comfortable as possible. These tools are essential for a modern dental practice to assure precision and visual communication.

Latest Techniques

By staying updated on the most current advancements in dentistry, we use research and evidence-based dentistry as the foundation of our treatment planning options. Our team members engage in communication throughout your appointment to best educate you with fact-based information.**


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What We Do

We offer a range of dental services from fillings to root canals to cosmetic veneers. It would be a privilege for us to be considered your dental home. We strive to maintain perfect oral health with preventive procedures and therapies such as dental cleanings. However, if any dental needs should arise, we will guide you through the different treatment options and perform procedures in a comfortable environment.

  • Implants are a permanent solution for single or multiple missing teeth.
  • The implant is placed with the foresight of the final restoration and its placement in a most esthetic position.
  • All parts of the implant process can be done at North Point Dental Associates and we can assist with filing through your insurance or setting up a payment plan.
  • North Point Dental Associates is a family practice and we love seeing patients of all ages.
  • It takes great patience and compassion to treat young kids. We use subtle behavior management techniques and nitrous oxide to aid in treatment when needed.
  • By offering a relaxing and fun environment and a soft touch we are able to accomplish the services required to get our smallest patients’ smiles healthy.
  • Discolored teeth
  • Chipped and broken teeth
  • Small or misaligned teeth
  • Spacing or gaps in-between teeth
  • Old discolored fillings
  • Our teeth naturally stain over time due to certain foods, drinks and habits we may have.
  • North Point Dental offers in office Phillips zoom whitening and take home custom whitening trays.
  • Using our whitening protocol will minimize any dental sensitivity
  • When biting or chewing, your tooth may experience intense pains
  • Swellings on your gum
  • Intense sensitivity that lingers when you take cold or hot drinks
  • Cracked teeth
  • Dark gums or severe tooth decay
  • Immediate Denture
  • Implant Retained Denture
  • Partial Denture
  • Denture Care
  • Exams & Maintenance


Dental Savings Plans

No insurance, no problem! North Point Dental Associates offers multiple in house annual savings plans to accommodate our uninsured patients. The plans are effective for 12 months and can be renewed annually. There is a onetime membership fee to sign up and no other monthly expenses for the plan. This is not dental insurance, but rather allows you to receive discounts on all services and get some preventive services such as exams, cleanings and x-rays at no additional cost.


$349 / Yr
  • Two professional cleanings per year
  • Two professional exam per year
  • 1 Set of Routine X-ray
  • 2 Fluoride treatment
  • 1 Emergency exam per year
  • 20% Off other dental services*


$649 / Yr
  • 3 Perio Maintenance Per year
  • Two professional exam per year
  • 1 Set of Routine X-ray
  • 2 Fluoride treatment
  • 1 Emergency exam per year
  • Free Water pick tooth brush for new sign only (one time)
  • Deep cleaning 25% off
  • 20% Off other dental services*